Wholesale Lots 1

# 67130   DR. Seuss 6 Color Pens

Like Having Six Pens In One, The Dr Seuss
6-Color Pen Contains Blue, Red, Orange, Black, Green, And
Purple Inks In A Single Pen .
Packed 12 Pens In A Unit  $12.00

# 69395 Gadgets Earbuds

Colorful earbuds packaged and ready to go! Take these
stylish earbuds anywhere you go and you'll be able to listen
to music. Comfortable and boasting great sound quality,
these trendy earbuds are a hit with everyone.
Packed 12 Pieces In A Unit  $18.00
( $1.50 Each )

# 68644  Dinosaur Egg Putty

There's an old (really, really old) saying: Don't count your
dinosaurs before they hatch. That's not a problem with the
dinosaur egg putty. Each assortment of 24 prehistoric putty
novelty toys has four different dinosaur fossils in clear,
plastic eggs. You can see exactly what's inside each egg, so
count away
Packed 24 Pieces In A Unit  $18.00

# 69751 Scented Swirl Pop Erasers

Lollipops are now permitted during class time! The Scented
Swirl Pop Eraser can satisfy any sweet tooth with its sweet
scents and you don't even have to worry about cavities.

Packed 24 Pieces In A Unit  $18.00
( .75 CENTS EACH )

# 70123   Blurp !  Noise Putty

Blurp, blarp, phhftt... make disgusting noises with our Blurp!
Noise Putty. Fun to squish, press and squeeze. This putty is
oddly relaxing to play with. Great for fidgety hands, party bag
gag gifts, prizes for students and more.
Packed 36 Pieces In A Unit
$18.00 Per Unit

Mom Visor Clip
$30.00 Per Dozen

Sister Visor Clip
$30.00 Per Dozen

Sister  Definition
$15.00 Per Dozen

Sister  Definition
$15.00 Per Dozen

Sister  Fuzzy Socks
$24.00 Per Dozen

Sister  Bracelet
$15.00 Per Dozen

MOM  Fuzzy Socks
$24.00 Per Dozen
Dad Visor Clip
$30.00 Per Dozen

" Lady Nugget "  Super Bright LED
Flashlight Keychain
$72.00 Per Unit of 24 Pieces
( $3.00 each )

Emoji Erasers
Each Pack Has 4 Erasers
$6.00 Per Dozen Packs

Bear Claw Back Scratcher
$60.00 Per Unit of 24 Pieces
( $2.50 each )

Happy Heel Good Fuzzy Socks
A fluffy cloud of comfort for your feet! Slip into softness in these
ultra-cushy colorful socks. Machine washable styles with embroidered
heart logo. One size fits most. Ships in free display. Don't worry, get
happy! And keep your tootsies toasty.!

$48.00 Per Unit Of 24 Pieces ( $2.00 each )
Jumping Jackphone & tablet clip
The perfect pocket-sized digital mobile device
companion! Jumping Jack is a universally-sized clip
that fits any cell phone, and many tablets and e-book
readers. Allows for hands-free freedom while device
rests upright or sideways.
Great for home, travel and office. Six fun colors .

$48.00 Per Unit of 24 Pieces
( $2.00  each )

The Card Cling
The must-have for your must-haves! A silicone
back pocket for your phone. Simply press
adhesive to phone backing. Holds I.D., credit and
business cards, and more
$72.00 Per Unit  36 Pieces In Unit
($2.00 Each )

Techie Tom
Swipe–Write–Wipe with your new favorite tool! Techie
Tom is a 3-in-1 stylus, pen and duster with loads of
personality. His "hair" is made of microfibers you can
use to clean your screen and an adorable pen clip tie.
He comes in four colors and ships in free counter
display. Tom is da BOMB!

$48.00 Per Unit Of 24 Pieces ( $2.00 each )

Item #EAR 01

Mix Lots Of Multipack
Stud Earrings 3-12
Pairs On A Card
$9.00 Per Dozen
Assortments Vary